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Assessment at Mitchell: Home

Program Level Learning Outcomes; Mitchell Essential Learning Outcomes; College Reports; Whitepapers; Rubrics; Workshop Materials. A growing repository for all things related to learning outcomes assessment at Mitchell. Maintained by IR&P.

About IR&P and Assessment at Mitchell

The main focus of the mission for the Office of Institutional Research and Planning is to facilitate planning by utilizing assessment results.  To do this we support several processes at the college, the most important being the support of learning outcomes assessment.

This libguide will serve as the source of information for the support of learning outcomes assessment at Mitchell.


Dr. Adam Atwell
Director of Assessment




What is meant by Learning Outcomes Assessment?

Although there are many groups and types of learning outcomes, the ones this libguide is primarily concerned with are those for the College's general education assessment (MELO) and for program-level outcomes (ex. at award level).

Who assesses learning outcomes?

MELO assessment is an activity that all faculty are involved in.  Once a year (either in fall or spring), each faculty should select 1 MELO rubric to assess an assignment from 1 section of their courses.  Each faculty can choose the rubric that best matches the assignment being used for the assessment. 

Program level learning outcomes are typically collected from individual faculty by way of each program coordinator.

When are learning outcomes assessed?

MELO can be assessed at anytime of the year.  Faculty can utilize the "MELO Assessment" link on the left menu of this guide to access each of the 6 MELO rubrics.

Program level learning outcomes are typically collected in the Spring semester.

How are the results of learning outcomes assessment shared?

Reports will be posted to this libguide and also shared during Assessment Day.


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